This is a site that is dedicated to tourists but with a heavy focus on those who want to spend time in Vancouver. Many of the tips and suggestions given here are ones that any traveler can use. Some of the great highlights of this site are:

Travel Tips

Vancouver is a big city and navigating around it can be a bit of a challenge. This section is going to help you with that. There is some great information as to how to plan your travel in the city. Also, what the options are for different modes of travel.

Places to Stay in Vancouver

The common choice for most travelers when they are away from home is to choose to stay in a Hotel. That won’t be a problem for those that are going to be staying in Vancouver. But, this section about accommodation in Vancouver contains topics of other choices that are available to you.

The Vancouver Economy

One may think that as a tourist why should they be concerned about the economy. It is important because if the tourist industry is strong then it is able to offer everything that a visitor wants and needs. To inform you about the economy in Vancouver this section contains a lot of important information.

Recent News

This section is dedicated to bits and pieces of important information that can be considered as newsworthy when it comes to Vancouver. It is interesing and informative and will be a great resource for those who want to have a great time in this city.