A Quick Overview of the History of Vancouver

If one is going to visit a city like Vancouver then it is good to familiarize one’s self with what the city has to offer. It is also beneficial to know a little about its history.

Its Location

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia. It is a coastal seaport which because of this it has helped to create a strong economy not only for the city itself but for the province and the country on the whole. It is in a prime location being situated in the heart of Western Canada.

Its Population

The Greater Vancouver area is home to over 2.4 million residents as of 2016. It is made up of a diversified population. Although the home language is English statistics show that 52% of the population speaks another language as their first language. This city is very popular with the Chinese which makes up about 30% of the population.

Going Back in Time

Historical data show that going back about 8,000 years ago that the area was inhabited with aboriginal people. It wasn’t until 1791 that the Europeans became familiar with what was to become Vancouver.

The Famous Gold Rush

When one thinks about gold rushes they often think that these only took place in the US. But, Canada had its own and one of these was the Fraser Gold Rush that took place in 1858 which created a surge of 25,000+ men flocking to the Vancouver region.

The Incorporation of Vancouver

The city became formally incorporated in 1886. At this same time the first transcontinental train arrived in the region. While this was good news the city was also hit with a bad incident which was the Great Vancouver Fire the same year which set the city back to the point where it had to be rebuilt. The one good thing that came out of this was the establishment of the Vancouver Fire Department.