When choosing a hotel in Vancouver, everybody has their own expectations when it comes to the type of accommodation that they want to stay in.

Cheap Hotels in Vancouver

Vancouver can be an expensive city to spend time in. Money can be saved by choosing a hotel that is considered to be in the cheap range. Fortunately there are several to choose from and the majority are clean and well kept. A few examples are:

  • Patricia hotel
  • Hotel Ambassador
  • Coast Vancouver airport hotel

Best Hotels in Vancouver

There are so many hotels in Vancouver that determining which are the best is all going to come down to a matter of opinion. Some individuals will rate a hotel as best based on its prices. Others will base this on the decor and ambiance of the hotel itself. Then there are others that will base it on the customer service. Overall the following are considered to be some of the best hotels in Vancouver that will meet the majority of wants and needs of the average traveler.

Ramada Limited hotel downtown Vancouver

For those that are looking for a quality hotel that can be said is one of the best and falls into the budget option then many say that this is the choice to make. It is considered to be one of the cheapest hotels to be found in the hub of the city.

Hotel Le Soleil by Executive Hotels

For those who want the best hotel accommodation based on a great experience then many have rated this particular hotel based on these options. They found that this hotel is easily accessible to the downtown area and is easy to get to the public transit on foot. The rooms are considered to be a good size and the beds are comfortable.