Getting the Most Out of your Hotel Stay

One of the most common types of accommodation used by vacationers is Hotels. These can range in price but those who are relying on this type of temporary lodging should do their best to get the most out of them.

Neat Tips

If one wants to take advantage of some hacks that are really applicable to hotel stays then there are plenty of these on the internet that can be really useful. Like using the clamps on a wooden coat hanger to keep the hotel curtains shut. This may seem like an unusual tip but gaping curtains can be a source of irritation in some hotel rooms.

Make use of the Amenities

Most often when individuals are booking a hotel they want to know what the Hotel has to offer as amenities. The decision to stay there may be based on this. But, many times they don’t get used by the visitors. What some don’t realize is that they are paying for these extras. If they are not going to be used then it may be better to book another Hotel which is just as nice but has cheaper rates. Being as they don’t have these amenities.

The Advantage of the Amenities

Most are hoping for great weather during their entire vacation. It doesn’t always work out that way. A rainy day or two should be planned for. Many of the attractions that are on the list to see maybe outdoor events. Some of the amenities that the hotel is offering could be used as fill-ins for this downtime.


Some hotels have arranged for discounts that apply to some of the main attractions that are near the hotel. These are well worth checking out by visitors. It may afford them some great savings. It may also be for a venue that they were not aware of.