There is no doubt that Vancouver can thank the tourism industry in part for their strong economy. But not only does Vancouver benefit from the tourism but the tourists can benefit from an economy that is as strong and stable as what it is in Vancouver.

Tourist Facts

When people are visiting a city or region they do so with different intentions of how long they are going to stay. Vancouver often has visitors that arrive for a one night stay as well as many that stay for several days. In 2017 the city had the highest overnight visit in the entire history of the tourism of Vancouver.

Tourists come from all over to visit Vancouver. Many of the tourists are from other parts of Canada. Then following this are visitors from the US and China, as China has a large population within the Vancouver region. Australia and the UK are also considered to be important with regards to the volume of tourists that come from these countries.

When it comes to accommodation and hotels it is estimated that there are about 23,000 hotel rooms throughout the metropolitan a part of Vancouver.

With it being a viable and sustainable port in Canada there are 230 cruise ships that are estimated to arrive at the port each year. These provide a great deal of money towards the economy which mostly contributes to the local economy.

Why The Economy is Important to the Tourists

When the economy is strong and stable it means that there are a lot more businesses and services open for business in the city and the outskirts. These are the main attractions for the visitors to Vancouver. It means that the accommodations no matter which ones are chosen will be well staffed and be able to offer all of the amenities that the tourists expect.