The Exciting Vancouver Marathon

There are many great financial institutions throughout Canada. Some of these are the various banks that serve the Canadian residents as well as their visitors. These banks go beyond just providing financial services. Many of them contribute greatly to their local communities, as well as their provinces. A prime example of this is the different types of activities and charities that take place in Canada that are supported by some of the major banks.

Vancouver Marathon

One of the most significant community and charitable events that takeS place in Vancouver is the Vancouver Marathon which is one that stirs up a great deal of enthusiasm in all those that participate. Without the support of the bank of Montréal, which is one of the leading banks in Canada, this venue would have a difficult time being able to handle the cost factors that come with such a marathon.

Marathon Races

This is a large marathon that has a full marathon race as well as 1/2 marathon. It also has several other races including a relay and the kids run. One of the most favoured events during the marathon, is the road race. During this event, there’s up to $40,000 in prize money to be won, and as such, the race attracts some big names in the sport of running. It is made up of contestants of all nationalities which adds to the excitement of this particular event, although the entire marathon in itself is filled with fun, and attracts a good turnout.

Other Activities

Not everyone that attends the marathon does so to participate in the race,s but they do attend in order to be supportive and there is plenty for them to do during this event. There are several festivals taking place at the same time, such as the Expo and the Travel smart. There are some fundraising events as well.