When one decides to travel to Vancouver there are some things that they should know about it to make traveling around the city much more pleasant. For those that are not aware of it the city of Vancouver has a population of well over 600,000 people. The population of Vancouver in its totality is over 2.3 million. Therefore the modes of transportation have to be chosen carefully in order to not get bogged down in traffic.

Common Languages

When traveling in Vancouver there will be a need to converse with those that populate this great city and surrounding area. The majority of languages spoken in the region are English and French. With French usually being the second language.

Cultural Diversity

Vancouver is a diverse a city made up of many different cultural groups. This means that although English and French are the primary languages there are many other languages that are spoken here as well. Among the cultural groups, one that is quite prominent is the Chinese. However, there are plenty of German as well as Italian and Spanish people populating the city. Many of the school children have the ability to speak more than one language.

Currency and Taxes

The common currency to be used in Vancouver is the Canadian currency and there is no longer a 1 Cent Currency in Vancouver or any other region in Canada. This is important to remember when one is taking a public transit. Something else to keep in mind also is that for most of the purchases that are going to be made there will be a 7% provincial tax. In addition to this there is the goods and service tax which is the GST which amounts to 5%. However there are exceptions to this but this will easily be determined when payment is being made for a product or service.