Travel holidays in Vancouver are usually comprised of guests and tourists who visit the city and have arrived by plane. Once here then they can either fulfill their own itinerary for the time spent here or they can arrange for travel holidays in Vancouver. No matter which is done there are specific sights that should be seen while visiting here.

Science World

This is a venue that Vancouver is very proud of. It is a science and nature venue that has a large exhibition place as well as an outdoor park with many different activities. There is something to do for the entire family and it is comprised of two large floors that offer different types of educational play. Two of the most favorite highlights of science world is the huge walk-in hamster wheel that is there to create a unique experience as well as a maze a ball that is air driven. Some of the tours are:

  • Elaho Whitewater Experience


  • Sea sky exotic diving

Farmers Market

On Granville Island, there is a public market where both residents of Vancouver and visitors alike enjoy visiting. Here is a wonderful way to pick up a large variety of goods especially in the food line. For those that have taken accommodation where they are allowed to prepare their own food then shopping at this farmers market will be the ideal resource for them getting the goods that they want.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

While in Vancouver one is going to be able to enjoy the various different types of travel. However, one that will soon become the most favorite is just walking about. When doing so then walking across the suspension bridge as it sways over the Capilano Canyon is certain to bring a thrill that will be remembered.

These are just a few highlights of some of the Vancouver attractions.