No matter whether you’re going to Vancouver on business or for pleasure you will most likely be in need of some type of accommodation. Vancouver is a great city to stay in and it can accommodate any visitor that chooses to stay here. It can do so through a variety of different types of accommodation.


For those that want to be in the hub of the activity that Vancouver has to offer there are several Vancouver hotels that are available in the downtown area. These range from economy hotels to luxury ones. There are some that are more geared towards the business traveler whereas there are many others for singles, couples and families.


For those that want to stay on the outskirts of the main activity of the city there is the opportunity to do so by choosing to stay at one of the many motels that offer quality accommodation. Most often those that have traveled to Vancouver by car enjoy staying at the motels as there is plenty of parking and less congestion. At the same time, it still gives them the opportunity to be able to travel easily to many of the attractions that they may want to visit.

Vancouver Bed-and-breakfast

There are those travelers that really prefer to use a bed and breakfast as their accommodation. These are usually the travelers that are only going to be having a stopover in Vancouver for a day or two.

Airbnb Accommodations

One of the favorite ways of taking advantage of accommodation today is through the rental of Airbnb accommodations. Individuals that want to spend quality time in Vancouver but in a home setting have the opportunity to take advantage of this type of accommodation.


For the backpackers and those that are looking for a cheap but safe and clean place to stay then there are the hostels in Vancouver that provide this type of service.