Vancouver Has Got Talent

There are a lot of young people that have great aspirations for their future. Some of them want to enter into the entertainment world. But even at a young age are well aware of the challenges that they are going to have to overcome to be able to do this. There are those that are intent on breaking into the entertainment industry at some point in time in their life. They will be aggressive and enthusiastic about making sure that opportunities are made available to them.

Performing With Pink

Pink is very well known in the current entertainment world and as such her concerts are more often than not sold out. One of her latest performances took place in BC at a sold-out Rogers Arena for her event. In the crowd of many, there was one young lady no older than 12 years of age who one day was determined that she would be on the stage just as Pink is.

Following a Dream

Little did she realize that Pink was going to make this into a reality sooner than she thought. However, this young lady did not sit back and just wait for a chance to open up doors for her. She was proactive in making sure that she was going to be invited to take the stage with Pink during the time of the concert.

Making Use of the Internet

In order to get the attention of Pink this young girl used YouTube to display her talents and created an aggressive campaign to grab the attention of her favorite performer. Her efforts worked and not only did she stun the crowd but she wowed Pink and proved to herself that perseverance pays.

There is little doubt that without the use of the Internet then this opportunity would have been far more difficult to achieve.