What the Government says about Vancouver

The Canadian government has to pay equal attention to every part of Canada. It does this through various government organizations with one of these being The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

The Importance of Government Organizations

These organizations are important for providing support and programs for a city like Vancouver. Just as important is the information that is kept about them. This information can act as a quick introductory resource for investors and those that are interested in export and import. Vancouver has the necessary ports that lend to this industry.

About Vancouver

It is classed as being one of the best cities to work in throughout Canada. This is because of the strength and stability of the economy.

It is also accredited for being a great city for starting a business in.

One may think that with a city that is as robust as Vancouver that pollution would be rampant. But, the city has taken the spot as the third greenest city in the entire world. With the intent of taking the first spot by the year 2020. This really is impressive for a city that this teaming with industry and is as heavily populated as what it is.

Vancouver’s Strengths

Its green economy really does top the list along with its secure economy when it comes to strengths. While the majority of industries do well here, there are some that are considered to be leaders. These are technology, Digital entertainment, and social enterprises.

Tourist Highlights

There isn’t anything that Vancouver could be considered as lacking in when it comes to tourism. For those visiting from the United States the travel time is perfect as it is only a one hour drive from the US. Vancouver is a hot spot for talent so tourists are exposed to a large array of entertainment of many different types.